Instead of Waiting for Better Times You Better Create Them

How many times have you read a great post, finished an inspirational book, or had life-changing idea, and wanted to make a change, take action, do something, start a passion project”¦.. but then didn’t?

This morning I awoke as Sal the Grumpy Gal. The world is so demanding. Trying to swim amid raising my children, balancing bills, and busily patching potholes of our life's path had me in a mega funk when I opened my eyes this morning.

Ever noticed how we are always ? Lately, I've been checking things off my to-do list waiting for a break to be at home, on my machine resting, and with nothing on the . Guess what? Two or three things pop up that need my attention. I know I'm to the choir. We are all waiting for rest, vacation checks to hit our checking account, children to become self-sufficient, cars and homes to be paid off, retirement, and for our lives to just chill down a little. Endless waiting.
The other day I watched a documentary on an exercise guru who joined the ALS Club Med. My main caregiver, Ben, came through the living room and said, “Sal, what are you thinking? Don't watch that. You don't need to see it.” He was right. As I watched a handsome, Greek- looking man wither, my mind went to the dark place of waiting. Waiting to when I'm frozen and can't whiz my scoot around, roll my dogs, or check out the garden areas in my yard. Waiting for a cure for ALS. Waiting until I want to just stay in bed and wave the white flag. Waiting for my diaphragm to fail. Waiting for someone to scratch that place on my nose because I can't. Waiting for God to take me home. This happens every so often. I get overwhelmed of trying to live with my limitations. Believe it or not, my family still looks to Sal the Frail Gal to patch holes and glue our tattered lives so we can stick together and have a smoother ride.

If you're waiting for the highway of life to be smooth, I have bad news. Even Sal the Hole-filling Gal can't write everything. I can only do the best I can. All we can do is be the best person we can be in each moment and choice we are given.

When I'm waiting for better times or worrying about a huge hole in the road ahead, I think of birds. I think of . I think of plans God has for me. Birds remind me that God will provide. I know Heaven is not of earth. It's the time when my soul takes flight. I trust the plans for me because it's not on my to-do list. It's time to pull up my sleeves and let my waiting turn into action. Don't waste your time waiting; live. What are you waiting for?

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