I’m an Atheist and I Feel Like I’m Smarter Than Religious People

Our God is not social media, our God is not whatever is trending on Netflix, our God is, well, God.

It used to be that teens and young adults would say, “Yeah I’m an atheist, I’m all about facts and science, my parents hate it, but they’ll just have to get over it. This is who I am.”

Now tell me, how in the world are people not finding any facts within a book that’s sixty-six chapters long? Not to mention study Bibles, have you seen those things? They are humongous and full of extra historical context and Biblical meaning. Young people (myself included) once claimed atheism because we were trying to seem dark or edgy, we really didn’t actually think we were atheists, we just stopped paying attention to God!

Our God is not social media, our God is not whatever is trending on Netflix, our God is, well, God.

Now that we have grown out of that phase, not caring what people think of us, we see more and more people millennial age or younger that are labeled as the new “kings of cool” because they profess Jesus as their savior. Our God is not social media, our God is not whatever is trending on Netflix, our God is, well, God. People on social media platforms have started arguments in which they claim “God is not real,” only to have Christians boldly proclaim the opposite. Despite either getting shunned or ganged up on by trolls, those sticking to their guns are seen as the rebels to those lurking and watching the back and forth action.

Hollywood knows where this is going too; with big films like I Can Only Imagine and Paul Apostle Of Christ making waves in the movie business, it’s only a matter of time before the mainstream media hypes up its popularity. Or, they might just try and ignore how much people like these movies and do their best to cover it up with something worldly, you really never know with them.

It’s trendy right now to be politically incorrect and against the current culture because people are sick of doing what they always have done; it’s not working for them anymore. The vast majority who are sticking to the norm, are seen as “sleeping sheep that just need to be red pilled.” The same goes with following God; people want more out of their lives than just the day to day, they want a life with purpose and meaning. They know God can give them that.

So if you see a bunch of people saying they’re “atheists” just to be cool,  tell them that they need to check out social media more often, the rebels are the Christians.


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