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Can We Find God Through Nature?

Nature is one of God’s beautiful creations. Through nature, God is able to teach us, speak to us, and provide for us.

The world began with a story. A spoken word made material through the creator of the universe.

The Lord is good to all people and his tender mercies are over all his works.

All thy works shall praise thee, O Lord; and thy saints shall bless thee. Psalm 145:9, 10.  

We love to contemplate the character and love of God in His created works.

But what evidences has He given the children of men of His power, as well as of His parental love?

The vastness of the universe gives testimony to God as Creator. The Hubble telescope continues to reveal previously unknown galaxies. Our awesome universe simply astounds us. Under the night sky, King David of ancient Israel asked God:

“O Lord our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth! .When I consider thy heavens, the work of thy fingers, the moon and the stars, which thou hast ordained; what is a man, that thou art mindful of him? and the son of man, that thou visitest him?”

“All thy works praise thee, O Lord; and thy saints shall bless thee” (Psalm 8:1, 3, 4; Psalm 145:10).  

The Suitability For Life On Earth – An Example Of God’s Witness In Nature

  1. The physical size of the earth is just right to support life as we know it.
  2. The moon is just the right distance from earth. If it were much closer, tides which are now harmless, would completely submerge the continents twice a day.
  3. The composition of the atmosphere is about 78 parts nitrogen and 21 parts oxygen, just perfect, as too much nitrogen in the atmosphere would slow down all functions of the body so that death would finally result.
  4. The atmosphere of the earth also serves a protective blanket to shield us from deadly radiation.
  5. Water is colorless, odorless and without taste, and yet no living thing can survive without it. Plants, animals and human beings consist mostly of water (about two-thirds of the human body is water).

This Is Not A Coincidence!

It is difficult to believe that all of these things are a series of fortunate coincidences.

To Enjoy Nature, Is To Enjoy God

The prevailing cosmological view during the Middle Ages in Europe was that the Earth was flat, instead of round. However, had our world been formed on a perfectly flat surface the tediousness, lack of variety, variation and the repetitiveness and uniformity would have fatigued the eye and wearied the senses and created a lack of interest, excitement, and eventually dreariness.

Instead, God has dressed our world with hills, valleys, and ranges of mountains. The rugged granite and mountains decorated with evergreens, and valleys with their softened beauty make the world a mirror of loveliness.

We can never be lonely while viewing the grand scenery of nature.

The snow-capped mountain heights, hills, and valleys should be to us as schools in which to study the character of God in His created works. The works of God which we may view in the ever-varying scenesshould teach us lessons of the skill and love of God and of His infinite power.  

Those who study nature cannot be lonely. They love the quiet hours of meditation, for they feel that they are brought in close communion with God while tracing His power in His created works.  


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4 replies on “Can We Find God Through Nature?”

It is true that God’s masterful hand is seen throughout all creation, and as a science teacher I immensely enjoy teaching and studying His creation. I love hearing others share my sentiments also! Thank you!
However, I do believe we can be lonely with just His creation. Remember the Lord made a companion for mankind. We were not made to be alone. The Lord does give us His company and fulfills us, but He gave man a companion even in the Garden of Eden.


Excellent. God is awesome and most worthy to be praised. Everyday he watches over us and is mindful of us otherwise the enemy would destroy us.

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