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Let’s Talk about Salt: What Does It Mean to Be the Salt of the Earth?

No human life is possible without sodium chloride or salt and salt is the only trace mineral that is found in every cell in the human body. Without it, the organism would cease to function, therefore, salt is a biological necessity.

The Lord Jesus tells us in Matthew 5:13 that Christians are the salt of the earth. Now, salt is a fascinating substance. It can be put to a lot of use. If applied rightly, it can be helpful and the results can be wonderful. If applied wrongly, it can be repulsive and the results can be damaging. Who on earth can stomach an extremely salty dish?

Salt adds flavour.

Salt is a basic ingredient in the kitchen because it adds flavour. Even in baking sweet goodies, salt is a primary component. The right amount of salt brings the best out of any dish. Omit or apply it insufficiently and those at the dining table can’t help but feel that something is missing.

Think about it. God uses His children to bring out the goodness in the different family and work environments each of us are placed in. Because of us, family and work life should enjoy a better atmosphere.

It is sad when you hear of Christians willfully committing a wrong against other people. We Christians are to be the very agents of good and righteousness, making our own side of the world a better place.

Salt potentiates flavour.

Salt not only adds flavour, it potentiates what is already there. To potentiate is to increase the power and effect of something.

Think about it. God is good and the earth is filled with His goodness. The world is blinded; people only see the wrong things that are happening around them. They are unable to look past the hardships and tragedies. They cannot see the grace of God in situations. It is for this reason that God uses His children to help others perceive all that is blessed and beneficial.

It is sad when it is the very Christian who exudes a negative spirit on situations. It is sad when you are around believers who are unhelpfully pessimistic, who are complainers, and who are never satisfied. We Christians are to be the very agents of optimism who see the bright side to things, who see the possibilities, who see all the good that is in the moment and the moment to come.

Salt is vital to our health.

The body cannot live without sodium (salt). Sodium is needed to transmit nerve impulses and to contract or relax muscles (that includes the heart). It is important for maintaining fluid balance. Lack of salt causes fatigue, headache, and confusion. When sodium is depleted, the heart gets overworked and the blood vessels are pressured. If left untreated, lack of sodium can cause blood vessels to stiffen and may even lead to heart failure and stroke.

Think about it. God deems our presence vital on this earth. You and I are here for a reason. Your existence is essential to a healthy functioning of another person. Our life is a blessing to someone. God has a set purpose for us to accomplish.

It is sad to think that one can choose to exist just for his self. It is a pity for one’s life to revolve around the pursuit of personal pleasure and interests. The Bible says that none of us lives and dies for himself. (Romans 14:7) Life is bigger than our own private world. We are made for so much more. When we step outside of our comfort zones, we will experience how much better it feels to be a helpful part of somebody else’s world.

Salt cleanses.

Salt is a cleansing agent. Salt solutions clear the oral cavities of infection and bad odour. Doctors recommended a saltwater rinse on the onset to kill bacteria that cause sore, itchy throats and bad breath. Saline solutions also help wounds heal faster after tooth extractions and keeps the wound clean after meals. It is interesting to learn from the journal “Cell Metabolism” that salt stores bar microbes from invading our bodies and boosts our immune defences.

Think about it. God uses His children as cleansing agents of this world. That means in our relationships we are to bring guidance for rightness. We are not to be peer-pressured into wrong acts. Rather, we are to be the influence and testimony of right living. Our presence should help our family, friends, and business associates sort the messiness of their lives out. We are to help lead them to discerning and deciding on the right action. We are never to encourage nor pressure them to make wrong decisions and use wrong means to accomplish goals.

We are God’s salt on earth. Let’s make our world a “salted” place.


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By Ana Menez

I serve with a training & equipping organization. I am also a freelance writer and I take great interest in writing and sharing growth resources. Reading is one of my great loves. I love it for all its fresh insights and points of view that help as I consider issues relevant to my faith life.

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