How Much Credit Does Jesus Deserve for the Eagles’ Super Bowl LII Victory?

Some in the sports media are unhappy that NBC sports analyst Tony Dungy often slips his Christian ideas into his sports analysis. However, many of these same reporters have no problem praising athletes for their anthem protests and political activism.

On Sunday, February 5, 2018, the Philadelphia Eagles pulled off an unforgettable victory against the perennial contenders the New England Patriots.
Nick Foles said he gave ‘all the glory to ' during the Super Bowl awards ceremony. However, many critics were surprised by the moment, with one Twitter user writing: ‘It's just so rare for people to thank after they win. Amazing!!'

NBC spokesperson Tony Dungy was attacked for alleging that Philadelphia Eagles American quarterback player Nick Foles would ‘play well because his faith would allow him to play with confidence'.

“Eagles quarterback Nick Foles is outspoken about his faith and wants to become a minister after NFL.”
Last week Dungy said that Foles told him that he felt had him in Philadelphia for a special moment‘, and he played like it tonight.'
Nick Foles said he gave ‘all the glory to God' during the Super Bowl awards ceremony. However, many critics were surprised by the moment, with one Twitter user writing: ‘It's just so rare for people to thank Jesus after they win. Amazing!!'
Tony Dungy has always been a class act, but some people just don't like the fact that he's a strong Christian and  ripped into him on Twitter, accusing him of ‘ on air'.
‘Really think the LORD is into football? Get a grip,' wrote one critic.
“You did a fine job expressing your opinion Coach Dungy so keep up the good work!, Wow, never saw someone take someone heat for what they believe in. Thank Coach for having faith in my eagles as well even when others did not!”  wrote another.
Dungy spent much of Monday replying to the abuse heaped upon him by critics.
Dungy, a strong Christian himself, responded in a tweet Tuesday saying, “NBC pays me to express my opinion. And it was my opinion that Nick Foles would play well because his Christian faith would allow him to play with confidence.  And that he's a good QB. I think I was right on both counts.”

The above tweet has been retweeted more than 7,000 times and has received more than 45,000 likes on Twitter.

Dungy wrote,  “This was much bigger than the score of a football game,”   “How many young boys are going to look up to Nick Foles because of what he did in this moment? When they do they'll see something about LIFE!”
Foles' belief in God has almost certainly gained him a spotlight since he took over the Eagles, especially because he was considering retiring after the Rams cut him following the 2013 season, but he said turned him back to football. However, Foles was not the only player to acknowledge  faith's role in football, as Eagles head coach Doug Pederson and  Wide Receiver Zach Ertz both openly thanked God on the field for their Super Bowl victory directly after the game.

“I can only give the praise to my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ for giving me this opportunity,” Pederson said,  according to Townhall.

Who do you serve?  

It's a simple question. Yet, if you are candid with yourself, the answer may be upsetting.
When you think of service and loyalty in life, everyone ascribes ultimate worth to something or someone – to some person, ideal or ideology. If it is not God, it may be sex, money or power. Or anything else. Fill in the blank. However, there is a little doubt from the events that unfolded in the story above that a segment of the sports press and the public would prefer that athletes with conservative and Christian beliefs keep their views to themselves (but secular and leftist views are fine).
Lets, however, stop shaming people for being transparent about their , for articulating publicly what they believe privately. And let's start admiring them for putting their cards on the table, letting the rest of us see what it is that motivates them, and what makes all of us who we are.

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