She had many friends.   Many Facebook friends, too.   She had joined the biggest church and volunteered wherever they needed extra .   Her family loved her cheerfulness and her grades were flawless!

However, for months, for years, she was only able to face things after her knees hit the bathroom floor.   This put on the mask, every .   The mask so many of us wear,   consciously or subconsciously.   No one had any .   In fact, she was the one most came to for sound, biblical advice.  Inside, though, her knew her ache.   He saw her pain. So, why the mask?

Can I   transparently come to you, confessing that I am giving up on my marriage and do not want another prayer to convince me otherwise, yet still  receive the love and attention from you?

If I told you I struggled with abusing drugs, would you still want me to come to you and your family?  If I confessed to cheating, would the downfall of the relationship automatically become my fault?   If I confessed to beating on my wife and did not appear to seriously want any help, would I be rejected after a couple of attempts?

Would you see me in a light?   Would you no longer see Jesus?   Would you no longer see my knees hitting the ground, asking for release?   Would a mask you can control, a mask that can be taken off at the end of the day, be a lot easier to wear than dealing with reactions you cannot control?

Sadly, masks are everywhere nowadays.   Photo filters, sound effects, therapy sessions, medicines, and vacations (just to name a few).   They can be anything.   But, if we are told to come as we are, what are we missing?

That woman could be missing a Friend. She needs to hear that she is not the only one struggling.   She needs to hear that some days you think about tossing the dirty dishes out the window, instead of washing them.   She needs to hear that you are on your last dollar and have no idea where your next meal is going to come from. She needs to hear that she is not alone. That the is not for her to be perfect. That the expectation is to fall, knowing that the of the One who is perfect will catch her each time, even when we fail to.

Maybe, just maybe, she needs One that stands closer than a brother.   Maybe One that can bring her to the place where she can see the light; the huge dream that she let go of years ago.   That One Friend alone has the power to do so much more.

Are you wearing a mask? Understand that your masks prevent you from experiencing intimacy with God. Know that your masks prevent you from pleasing God. If we truly want the character of Christ, we must expose our weaknesses, shed our hypocrisy and stop pretending. God calls us to BE TRANSPARENT.    Now is the time to take off your mask and let the love of the shine through.


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