Look out your window. Isn’t it a beautiful day? But just in case you were feeling really good about yourself today, allow us to hit you with a dose of reality.

These are 25 facts about the world we in:

  1. *We live in times when we see many humans, but not enough humanity;*
  2. *We live in times when the rich have more rooms than children and the poor have more children than rooms.*
  3. *We live in times when smartphones bring you closer to those who live aboard, but distance you from those who live in your own home;*
  4. *We live in times when we open Facebook, more than Book;*
  5. *We live in times when a single can look after five children, but five children can’t look after a single mother;*
  6. *We live in times when the rich walk miles to digest food, while the poor walk miles to obtain food;*
  7. *We live in times when women are paid to be naked, while others are fined to be dressed;*
  8. *We live in times when our contact lists are massive, but our relationships are diabolical*
  9. We live in times when at least 10 times as many girls are now trafficked into brothels annually as African slaves were transported to the New World in the peak years of the trans-Atlantic slave trade;*
  10. *We live in times when our possessions are more, but our appreciation of life is less;*
  11. *We live in times when we can earn a good , but somehow forget how to live;*
  12. *We live in times of commercialization of the gospel and if the broadcaster is not selling a book, it will be a CD, anointed water, or some seed sewing advert;*
  13. *We live in times when a typical cow in the European Union receives a government subsidy of about $2.20 a day, that about 1.2 billion more than the world’s poorest ;*
  14. *We live in times  when we possessions and where there is no value for a human life.*
  15. *We live in times when many know the price of everything, but  the value of nothing;*
  16. *We live in times with nearly 210 million orphans, but nearly 15% of them will commit suicide before turning 18;*
  17. *We live in times when  the  United States now spends about $200 billion on the correctional system each year, a sum that exceeds the gross domestic product of twenty-five US states and 140 foreign countries;*
  18. *We live in times when  22,000 die every day because of poverty, but  in rich countries, a staggering 30-50% of all food produced rots away uneaten;*
  19. *We live in times when over 650 million adults were obese in 2016, but yet in 2016, 315,000 women died in childbirth because they were malnourished and lacked basic nutrients;*
  20. *We live in times with  the  largest population of refugees and asylum seekers in  human history.
  21. *We live in a times  of genocide and the destruction of the Amazon rainforest;*
  22. *We live in times where we are taught as kids to read and write big , but we’re not taught to think about the reality beneath the surface of those numbers;*
  23. *We live in times of  false doctrine, where some pastors encourage the first wives to die to self and be able to allow their husbands to take in more wives if they wish to;*
  24. *We live in times of  false prophets:  where people would prefer to follow a Siberian traffic cop who proclaim to be Jesus Christa the , rather than believe in Real McCoy;*
  25. *We live in times when according to the United Nations, there are around 65.3 million people displaced from their homes worldwide, yet in the UK alone  the “housing surplus” nearly doubled from 800,000 spare homes in 1996 to 1.4 million homes at any one in 2014;*

Think about that for a moment? Can you even imagine it? Like, really imagine it.  We’re not reacting, it’s just that  there are so many different problems of large scale that we need to be working harder to combat.

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  1. brad

    I might add:
    We live in a world where we feel the need to hide in a closet about our beliefs instead of having an honest discussion about our belief because we fear being shouted down as a bigot, homophob, sexist or racist etc.