Does Wikipedia have a strong liberal bias against Christianity?

Wikipedia has deleted a scientist’s page because he weighed Darwinism in the balances and found it wanting. While editors claimed Bechly was not “notable” enough to warrant an entry, others with fewer career accomplishments have long pages on Wikipedia, and Bechly has a distinguished career.

Wikipedia’s own page explains that Wikipedia is “a free, web-based, collaborative and multilingual encyclopedia project.” It says “Its more than 20 million articles that have been written by volunteers around the world.” Anyone with access to the site can edit most of its articles.

To answer the question set forth, let’s say outright that based on statistics alone, Christianity has a minor representation on Wikipedia.  But why?

A  2017 article by The Guardian says “that nearly half of the population of UK has no religion.”

From many surveys, Statista reported in 2017 that Christianity in America has waned.  

Fewer Christian Contributors

The fact is, there are fewer Christians in the world. Likewise, we can expect fewer Christians contributing to the development of Wikipedia pages. As to information quality control and truth verification, we know that not all you read on Wikipedia is accurate. Some could only be echoing opinions since we know that no formal training is needed and anybody can easily make additions to the site.

Active Antagonism Against Christian Views

Few Christians actively pursue the defense of Christianity. Many others choose to be peacemakers while others propagate Christian truths via modest means. On the opposite end, anti-Christian groups are more diligent in their pursuit of eliminating any pro-Christian ideas and programmes. It is not at all surprising that news like the one featured on PJ Media is happening on Wikipedia right now.

Gunter Bechly is a recognized German insect paleontologist. He contributed an entry on Wikipedia and found that it was removed in October 2017. What seems to be plain was his position on intelligent design which was also discussed on that entry. Intelligent design is a scientific position that holds the view that there is evidence for design behind nature. It’s not at all surprising to hear this kind of action against intelligent design while nothing happens to entries that promote Darwin’s evolution theory.

Wikipedia editors reasoned that Bechly was not that notable to warrant an entry. Yet, what about contributors with fewer qualifications having long entries on Wikipedia? John West, the VP of Discovery Institute has a strong belief that it was an act of censorship to suppress the free flow of information and ideas.

Bechly presented some credentials and accomplishments: new insect orders, eight species named after him, an insect family named after him, two books, one German book about him, press coverage, exhibits, and a ResearchGate score that tops over 85% of other members’ scores. It is sad that none was enough to warrant his credibility in their Wikipedias sight. Was the disqualifying factor because he was a Creationist?

“What Wikipedia did is definitely an act of censorship and an effort to suppress the free flow of ideas and information,” John West, vice president of the Discovery Institute where Bechly works

This incident may well suggest an indication that Wikipedia holds a bias against Christianity. It would be no shock to hear more reports like this surfacing in the future.


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