Praise God that, by His Grace, we are able to come to see, reach, and experience a plan in our lives for 2018. The of a is always an opportunity to leave bad habits behind, set goals, and wipe the slate clean to begin again.

What should you leave behind in 2017?

Leave the you don’t like and stop investing and energy into something you’ve outgrown. That’s why it’s not working. Leave behind that relationship that isn’t going anywhere. Leave behind stress and anxiety and depression and all of your past pains and suffering that came along within this year and understand those things are a sign something in your needs to change. I agree with you that it hurts to lose a loved one, it hurts to lose your favorite possession like a car, a home, or even your pet, but I’m pretty sure that they (including your former car) wanted you to keep on pushing forward. Think about it: Why do we have cars? As my grandmother puts it: “To get her from Point A to Point B.” It made it with you through the storms, and now it time to accept that maybe this chapter in your life is over and it’s time to move forward.

What upset you the most in 2017?

For me, it was a sad year. I say this because it felt as if our deceased ancestors and loved ones went through and already fought the toughest battles, even had served in the military / army for everyone’s freedom and for any conflict to finally desist or stop. But this year (as a millennial, born in 1988) it felt as if everyone was living back in history, a past that should not be duplicated. This was one of the reasons I kept away from media news often. I’d rather live for the in my life instead of flowing with the crowds. No offense to anyone, but I’m speaking my truth and what is true. Realize this is your life and it isn’t your role to play someone else puppeteer just because you don’t like letting down.

What are you leaving behind in 2017?

I’m dropping off all of my bags and luggage that held my pain and sorrow within that year. It’s time to achieve my best and focus on myself; apologies for sounding so selfish, but it’s true. Realize this is your life and it isn’t your role to play someone else’s puppeteer just because you don’t like letting people down. I know that everything will continue to get better for me because God has never left my side. The Devil has attempted to deceive me, and still does, to force me to go against God and fall for his temptations. No longer can I continue the reckless lifestyle that the enemy desires for me to pursue.

I have made up my decision…  THAT I WILL WALK WITH GOD. My God loves me, as I do Him. He is the only in my life that I find comfort in. Here is a toast to all of you as we approach 2017. Let’s go in this thing together. you all.

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  1. Jo

    Look back to 2017 and see all that offended you. Don’t try to edit things, just see it as it it. Who offended you and why did they offend you? Own your anger and admit the hurt, then repent of the unforgiveness you’ve had. God has forgiven you when you asked for His forgiveness; He expects you to forgive those who offend you too.

  2. shakiyasmessage Post author

    Thank you so much for your feedback! I appreciate that. I don’t mind any feedback I receive because it helps me in the long run, especially when it comes to improving my English sentences and words. Thank you so much for your helpful words! :)

  3. eloracseniah

    Loved it, but just a gentle nudge that there is a typo. It says “someone else” and should read as, “someone else’s.” As a fellow writer, I loved what you wrote so much, and would want someone to point out a tiny little distraction to me, when I need it. May the Lord bless you this year.
    carole l. haines (

  4. Janet Weninger

    Wow, those could have been my words! In fact, I wrote some notes in my phone that could prove it. Lol I’m leaving the same things behind as you in 2018 just like I left behind the media and news in 2017. Thanks for your honest and helpful post.