Seasonal Depression: Remembering God’s Provision

You’re here. Let’s go there. We’re praying for you. Got a prayer request connected to Seasonal Depression Tell me about it.

When we see those words, some of us may think about those persons who lost loved ones during the year. They’re facing the great task of celebrating the holidays without that person for the first time.  What I would like to do is help you rethink the term from a big picture perspective.

I have a friend that was dealing with unemployment during the holiday season. I have another friend that dealt with not having as much as he had hoped for the holiday season. This led to a depression that even they didn’t realize was happening. The stress of not having had become their evaluation of that year. Because they could not do what everyone else was doing, they drifted through the holiday season in a daze.  They were experiencing Seasonal Depression. It is the downward evaluation of your year in review. It’s what you feel when you look forward to the Christmas tree and the fear of having few gifts to wrap. It’s the evidence of goals met, or the evidence of how far behind you really are. That‘s in your mind. That’s what you’re thinking.

These are practical feelings going South quick. God has already presented words of comfort we can review.

Psalm 121 presents an active role for the Believer. It’s what I call a “Psalm on the move“. Here’s a breakdown:

  • V.1: There’s something Christians need to do, and we have to be confident in that action.
  • V.2-4: We should specify where that confidence come from, and remind people that he will never “go asleep on watch”.
  • V. 5-6: God is in control! He controls the day and the night! Why am I worried?
  • V. 7. God protects us externally and internally. It’s not about what you see all the time, but it’s about what you don’t see. The Holiday season is all about what you see. All the decorations, sales, and food of course. It hurts when you can’t participate at the level you want to participate. What I am challenging you to do this season is to let the Holy Spirit intervene. Don’t worry about what you don’t have and take it day by day, as Jesus tells us to pray (Matt.6: 9-13).
  • V.8: God tends to our daily operations. If we can remember that God is in control from the moment we get up to the time we lay back down, you’ll beat Season Depression. Ask yourself this question: How do you start your day? Am I starting my day from a Biblical worldview or do I turn on the TV first? (We all do this, relax.) Make it a discipline that before you start your day you talk to the Lord. Get your mind there  and the body will follow in health.

We all have goals. We’ll meet some and miss some. Life is going to happen. When it does, remember that though you may not be where you want to be, you’re further than what you were last year at this time. Broaden your perspective on Seasonal Depression and help protect yourselves and your loved ones from facing a season where we recognize the birth of Jesus Christ with stress.

You’re here. Let’s go there. We’re praying for you. Got a prayer request connected to Seasonal Depression Tell me about it.

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