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50 Amazing And Interesting Facts About Jesus Christ

Lets face it, everyone loves facts! And how much more great are facts when they’re about our loving savior Jesus Christ! The awesome combination of facts and Jesus makes this post a must have for everyone!

Lets face it, everyone loves facts! And how much more great are facts when they’re about our loving savior Jesus Christ! The awesome combination of facts and Jesus makes this post a must have for everyone! Think you know a lot about Jesus? This post is a great way to see just how much you really know. And if you don’t know anything about Jesus…well, this post is definitely a great place to start!

  1. Jesus Was Not Created | Micah 5:2
  2. Jesus Has Never Changed | Heb 13:8
  3. Jesus is both God and Man | John 1:1
  4. Jesus Abides Forever | Heb. 7:24
  5. Jesus is The Creator of Everything | Col 1:16
  6. Jesus is All-Powerful | Matt 28:18
  7. Jesus is All-Knowing | Col 2:3
  8. Jesus Came to Die and Destroy Satan’s Power | Heb. 2:14
  9. Jesus is Holy | Luke 1:35
  10. Jesus is Righteous | Isa 53:11
  11. Jesus is Just | Zech 9:9
  12. Jesus Had No Deceit | 1 Pet 2:22
  13. Jesus is Sinless | 2 Cor 5:21
  14. Jesus is Pure | 1 Pet 1:19
  15. Jesus is the Rock | 1 Cor. 10:4
  16. Jesus is Gentle | Matt 11:29
  17. Jesus is Omnipresent | Matt. 18:20; 28:20
  18. Jesus Resurrects | John 5:39; 6:40, 44, 54; 11:25-26
  19. Jesus is Acknowledged by Demons | Mark 5:2,6
  20. Jesus is Worshipped by Man | John 9:38
  21. Jesus is Worshipped by Angels | Heb 1:6
  22. Jesus Receives Worship by His Disciples | Luke 24:52
  23. Jesus is Honored the Same as the Father | John 5:23
  24. Jesus Will Receive Worship from Everyone | Phil 2:10-11
  25. Jesus is Human | 1 Tim 2:5
  26. Jesus Was Conceived by the Holy Spirit | Luke 1:34-35
  27. Jesus Took On Man’s Body | Heb 2:9-18
  28. Jesus Humbled Himself | Phil 2:8
  29. Jesus Was Subject To Human Emotions | Heb 5:7
  30. Jesus Died and Rose Again | 1 Thess. 4:14
  31. Jesus Blood Brings Reconciliation With God | Eph 2:13-16
  32. Jesus Blood Brings Redemption for Lost Man | Rom 3:24-25
  33. Jesus Blood Allows Man To Be Justified before God | Rom 5:9
  34. Jesus Blood Sanctifies Man | Heb 10:29
  35. Jesus Blood Brings Eternal Life | John 6:53-56
  36. Jesus is the Bread of Life |  John 6:25-59
  37. Jesus Forgives Sins, Matt. 9:1-7 | Luke 5:20; 7:48
  38. Jesus Will Bring in Everlasting Righteousness | Dan 9:24
  39. Jesus Will Destroy The Works of Satan | 1 John 3:8
  40. Jesus Fulfilled the Old Testament | Matt 5:17
  41. Jesus Judges | John 5:22, 27
  42. Jesus Is Our High Priest | 1 John 2:1
  43. Jesus is the Light of the World | John 8:12
  44. Jesus Sent The Holy Spirit To Us | John 15:26
  45. Jesus Will Take His People To Heaven | John 14:3
  46. Jesus Will Return To The Earth After The Tribulation | Matt 24:29
  47. Jesus Will Return To The Earth In Power & Glory | Matt 24:30
  48. Jesus Will Complete Revelation | Heb 1:1
  49. Jesus Will Never Send You Away If You Come To Him | John 6:37
  50. Jesus is the Way, the Truth, and the Life | John 14:6


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According to God His Own words Jesus is God His only begotten beloved son. Never claimed Jesus to be God neither said God He would have been Jesus, faking His temptation and His death. Jesus as a man of flesh and blood really was tempted and died, doing not his own will but the Will of God. Also remember that being a god like Pharaoh, Moses, angels, Zeus, apollo, Baal are being called god in the Bible, that does not mean that they are The God like Jesus is also not The God and John in his first and in his following verses of his Gospel not saying such thing that Jesus would be the God. You also seem to overlook John is talking about the Word, i.e. the speaking of God, God His promise made in the Garden of Eden having become a reality having come in the flesh, i.e; being born.

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