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Cleansed and Reborn in JESUS Name – NFL Player Baptize Teammate While Bowing in Prayer!

The faith movement among the Eagles has gone far beyond the locker room prayer.

While the National Football League NFL may be a divided, there’s one team whose faith and brotherhood exudes unity.  In this week’s meet them where they are story, Eagles wide receiver Marcus D. Johnson was baptized on the road.

Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Marcus Johnson tweeted a photo of him being baptized in the team's hotel swimming pool, just hours before the Eagles' victory Thursday night over the Carolina Panthers. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)
Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Marcus Johnson tweeted a photo of him being baptized in the team’s hotel swimming pool, just hours before the Eagles’ victory Thursday night over the Carolina Panthers. (Image source: YouTube screenshot)

Just prior to Thursday night’s nationally televised NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Carolina Panthers, members of the visiting Eagles gathered at their hotel pool — but a relaxing swim wasn’t on the agenda. Instead, they lined up around one end of the pool’s deck, held hands and bowed their heads while team mate Marcus Johnson got baptized, CBS News reported.

Eagles Wide Receiver Marcus Johnson Gets Baptized In Hotel Pool
Eagles Wide Receiver Marcus Johnson Gets Baptized In Hotel Pool

Surrounding Marcus Johnson are more than a dozen of his teammates with heads bowed and hands locked.

Johnson said’ “First time being Baptized!” Johnson wrote on Twitter. “Corporate Worship is a beautiful thing!! Cleansed & Reborn in JESUS name!!”

In his excitement about being a born-again Christian, the footballer included an emoji of a mega-phone and praying hands.  Johnson’s proclamation of serving Jesus Christ is not the first time the Eagles have spoken out about faith.  Leading the showcase of Bible-believing brothers is quarterback Carson Wentz, who has vowed to play for an “Audience of One.” His belief led to the creation of AO1 Foundation, which aims to “ show the love of God by providing support for the less fortunate and people in need.”

“The faith movement among the Eagles has gone far beyond the locker room prayer.”

Along with Wentz, a number of other Eagles have been known to share public testimonies. CBS News added, noting that it’s “expanded in 2017 to the point that it’s virtually become linked to the team’s core.”

In a season that is swirling with tension and political punches, it’s teams like the Philadelphia Eagles that are using their platform for a higher purpose.

God is clearly working in the hearts of those players, and their unity in Jesus Christ, will no doubt continue shine bright a world broken world full of strife. Godinterest prays that the players faith inspires others to look to Jesus Christ the author and finisher.  

It really is beautiful. Congrats, Marcus D. Johnson! Keep putting God first.


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1. Consider the positioning

correct, What the location in which your new flooring is going to be laid?

This is one very sound factors in determining what type of flooring will best suit your needs. Anything from the square footage and the traffic to the formality and the reason for the room will dictate the best type of flooring.

as an example, The kitchen is a formal room within the home that generates plenty of foot traffic. even so, You need a type of flooring that will appear popular with the eye while also accommodating high degrees of traffic.

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2. Determine the Moisture quantity of a Area

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3. look at Your Future Plans

Next, It time to determine how much time you plan to live in your home.

you think this home to be a starter home? if you do, It important to consider the kind of flooring is suitable for now and type of flooring will benefit the future resale value.

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What the overall aesthetic sarasota real estate?

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