“How long will you lie there, O sluggard?   When will you rise from your sleep?”   (Proverbs 6:9).   Remember, the same God who “gives to His beloved in sleep” also created the rooster!   It’s time to rise and shine for the Lord!   He has work for you to do!

You city-folks, don’t forget to turn-on and turn-up your “mechanical” and “electronic roosters (i.e. alarm clocks)!   What’s your version of cock-a-doodle-do?

See you bright and early tomorrow morning!   It’s going to be a wonderful day – God wants to speak to us, and listen to us, before we’re on our way!



    1. tpdrenoske Post author

      Thank you for your appreciation and for your comment, Jo. Sorry, I responded to your comment below my article also, and it was posted as “anonymous”. It’s not anonymous, it’s me! Tom D.

  1. Jo

    A great Light once came into a dark world. But it did not shine long: Jesus died on a cross. Soon afterward His disappointed friends were filled with joy at the news of His resurrection. They learned that He had given His life as a sacrifice for sins, and that His death was the basis for their salvation. Jesus’ free gift enables salvation for all who shall ever believe. And earnest light-bearing followers continue to show forth that Light.

    Time to wake up.

  2. tpdrenoske

    Thank you, Sandi. Hope you stop by again. I have another post that’s awaiting approval. If you like sermons, I have over 120 of them at wisdomfromabove.net. May the joy of the Lord be your strength.