Meet the Former Traffic Policeman Turned Jesus

‘When Jesus Christ foretold the major trends that would precede His return to earth, the first sign He mentioned was religious impostors who would come in His name. Do you take that warning seriously?

Sergey Anatolyevitch Toro is the latest to the list of impostors. He claims he returned to Earth to work as a soldier in the Red Army and then as a traffic policeman in Russia,  but now he claims to be Jesus Christ. Sporting wispy hair, a white cloak and sandals over his socks, the bearded 56-year-old says he was ‘reborn’ in 1991 and is the founder of the Church of the Last Testament.

Sergey Anatolyevitch is the spiritual leader of at least 5,000 devoted followers who all live in the small isolated village of Petropavlovka – more than 2,000 miles from Moscow.

Unfortunately, many have been deceived into following this counterfeit Jesus.

Sergey Anatolyevitch Toro believers, who have given up their lives to follow him, are strict vegans and are banned from smoking and drinking or handling money. Many thousands more have made their homes in the small villages that surround Petropavlovka and survive the vicious Siberian winters so that they can be close to their Messiah.

On a mountain close by their village a large bell rings three times a day so the followers know when they should break   to kneel and pray.

We must examine the fruits of all those who claim to represent Jesus Christ–in the way they live and the doctrines they teach.

We must examine the fruits of all those who claim to represent Jesus Christ–in the way they live and the doctrines they teach.

One of his followers told the BBC: ‘We have a school of noble maidens here. We’re preparing girls to become future wives, future brides for worthy men.

‘They will be taught to understand not to rise above the man, not to be proud of their independence but to be shy, inconspicuous and weak…?

This cult is very ‘scary. They’re apparently teaching Vissarion’s ten-volume sequel to The Bible.’

Critics in Russia have accused him of fleecing his loyal community of followers for personal gain. In recent years he has travelled to France, Italy and Holland to ‘convert’ new followers although he claims that his visits were sponsored by his hosts and that his Church makes no money.

Who is behind these false christs?

It is none other than Satan himself.  Paul wrote, “For such men are false apostles, deceitful workmen, masquerading as apostles of Christ.  Remember, most of those who claim to represent Jesus actually don’t. Moreover, as time goes on, ever more pretenders will arise, however sincere they may be. And finally, bear in mind that the greatest period of deception ever is just ahead of us.  

Tragically, those who are deceived in the last days by these false Christs will sincerely regard themselves to be genuine believers, actively doing the work of Christ. They will cast out demons in the name of Jesus, and work miracles in His name. But they are serving a false Christ – not the real Jesus.  

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9 thoughts on “Meet the Former Traffic Policeman Turned Jesus”

  1. By their fruits we shall know them.
    I pity those ignorant followers.
    Wonders shall never cease.

    Impersonating Christ! May God have mercy on him.

  2. This is tragic, but not surprising, sadly. Remember, the enemy masquerades himself as an angel of light. However, this guy isn’t even masquerading – for the discerning, who he is (and isn’t) is painfully clear.

    1. There must be demonic forces at work as you say its so so obvious.

      1. Exactly. This very topic was addressed at my Bible study last night, and I thought of your comment. We are in the book of Ephesians, chapter 3, and Paul is talking about the “mystery” of God being revealed. We had to look up “mystery” in the Greek dictionary, and it speaks of things that are hidden and not obvious to the wisdom to man, but are only revealed to those seeking truth and discernment. Perhaps this is why things are obvious to some, but “hidden” to many others.

  3. Looking Up! says:

    I pray all the lost will seek God and read His word for themselves and not listen to man. Even their pastors, people must make sure their pastors are teaching what the scriptures say and pray for discernment always. God bless

    1. This is so sad. I hope these people wake up.

  4. Anonymous says:

    We all know where this is heading.

  5. Anonymous says:

    According to Wikipedia, there have been hundreds of people throughout history claiming that they are Jesus or The Messiah or the reincarnation of The Messiah. The most notable one is Mirza Ghulam Ahmadm, who started a pretty popular sect within Islam called Ahmadiyya, which has about 15 million followers.

  6. Anonymous says:

    Jesus’ prophecy of false teachers coming in His name began to be fulfilled even during the era of the apostles. Paul mentioned a number of false teachers. He said a “different gospel” was already being preached (Galatians 1:6).


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