“Samson" production at Sight & Sound Theatres
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Story of ‘Samson’ Comes to Sight and Sound Theatres (Interview)

Sight & Sound Theatres rarely do anything small. So no surprise that its new show,  “Samson,”  is on an epic scale.

“This is our 27th original production,” Josh Enck, president and chief creative officer of Sight & Sound, told the crowd of almost 2,000. “And this is our 40th year. We started in 1976 and we are (now) the largest faith based theater in the world.”

Sight & Sound tells Bible stories. In the past, they’ve tackled the stories of Moses, Jonah, Noah, Daniel, Joseph and Ruth. Shows generally run a year and the tourism here gets a boost every when Sight & Sound opens a new show.

“It’s the biggest tourist attraction in the county, with an average of 800,000 people visiting the theater each year according to Sight & Sound.”

Plenty of souvenirs will be sold. The gift shop is filled with all things “Samson,” from magnets to T-shirts to mugs to water bottles.


Sight & Sound Theatres’ Reveal of Samson

On April 14th, 2015, Sight & Sound Theatres unveiled it’s brand new Biblical Epic- Samson! The live audience got a sneak peak at some of the special effects,…


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