Almassov’s tubular glass tree house, which may go into production next year, is a four-story home built around a tree. It's a long way from the one you built in the backyard.

Almassov’s tubular glass tree , which may go into production next year, is a four-story built around a tree.   It’s a long way from the one you built in the backyard.

For those of you looking to escape , but can’t  let go of the creature comforts of modern life, a  new house design by Kazakh architect Aibek Almassov may be the home  you’ looking for.

“A  Sort of Inverted Treehouse, It’s Intended to Provide an Escape from the Sweltering Concrete Boxes of City Life and Offer Unity with Nature with 360-degree-views of Its Forest Setting”

This stunning eco-friendly glass treehouse is a tubular triumph encompassing four floors that spread out the functions of a home vertically, while a winding staircase connects the levels with a observation deck at top-level and a  bottom floor shower. It’s powered completely by solar  panels and also has a rainwater filtration system.

“Many Believed It Was Unlikely Ever to Be Built, but It Seems Kazakhstan Architect Aibek Almassov Is Proving Them Wrong”

“The main purpose of this is to offer an alternative to the bustle of city life,” said the architect. “We wanted to combine the capabilities of modern design and the natural wealth and beauty.” While an investor who had initially signed on  later pulled out of the project, a glass and solar panel manufacturer has reportedly since expressed interest.  

“At the moment, we have found two of the investors,”said the architect. “One of them has owns a factory for the production of glass with transparent solar panels. He is interested in this project so we are negotiating right now with him.”

The team at A.Masow architects plan to begin building the first of these glass homes very soon in the woods of Almaty, Kazakhstan.  “Really it’s not so difficult to build it,” Almassov told Dezeen, “the problem was to find an investor”


Almassov’s Tubular Glass Tree House, May Go into Production next Year

Most people this is a  great and have argued that anything that allows us to be closer to nature must be good.  Architect Aibek Almassov stated  “I respect nature, it feeds us but we destroy it. I’ve been looking for a solution that would help in the to avoid the destruction of forests, we want to with it in harmony. So i created the tubular glass house around a tree.”

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