Godinterest: The Christian Kind of Pinterest, with Music and Sermon Promotions

When Pinterest first hit the scene, it was fascinating.  Writers like this Christian reporter on Examiner found ourselves pinning away  and creating boards just like the rest of the general public — as well as finding geeky and only slightly legal ways to beef up our followings by auto-following other users whom we hoped and prayed would return the favor and follow us back. As far as pins that were related to Christian stuff, however, well those tended to end up segregated to boards on Pinterest called “Christian stuff,” as if we were giving our followers fair warning that a reference or two or 20 to John 14:6 might be found therein. Read More:


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4 thoughts on “Godinterest: The Christian Kind of Pinterest, with Music and Sermon Promotions”

  1. uriahheep111 says:

    I wonder if you’ve ever heard of “Sermon Jams?” They’re interesting.

  2. swamiyesudas says:

    Went with great ‘interest’ (!) into the site. Even got myself registered, But am extremely disappointed as it did not open in an https page. I trust nothing else, particularly when they are asking for passwords and all. Anyway, it is a nice and good idea, (though I am very much at sea as to how to use these ‘interest’ pages.

    Hearty Regards.

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    A good place!

  4. Best wises with Godinterest Blog!!

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