Lecrae: “Jesus Muzik”

Jesus Muzik” is the second single from Lecrae’s second studio album, After the Music Stops. It is critically acclaimed and was nominated for two GMA Dove Awards. The song also features fellow Christian hip hop artist Trip Lee. The lyrics discuss the problems with the content of secular hip hop, and the importance for Christians of listening to Christian music to glorify God.

Christian Hip Hop (Originally Gospel Rap, Also Known as #Christian Rap, Gospel Hip Hop, or Holy Hip Hop) Is Hip Hop Music Characterized by a Christian Worldview.

One thing that is clear, is that for as long as we can remember Christian flavored Hip Hop was looked upon as a step child of the genre.

Most Would Agree That the Extent to Which Christian Hip Hop Lyrics Are Explicitly Christian Seems to Vary Between Bands.

That is until artists such as #Lacrae Moore emerged a Grammy Award–winning rapper who now, like it or not, represents the face of the gospel hip-hop movement with hit songs like “#Jesus Muzik,” “Don’t Waste Your Life” (based on the sermon by John Piper), and “Black Rose. Hashtag #Lacrae has also been trending on Godinterest since Godinterest introduced YouTube, Vimeo, Sound Cloud and various other social media post embedding.

Another thing that is clear is that Bible Christianity, if practiced properly, will make you extremely UNPOPULAR with the world, just as it did John the Baptist, and the early Christians in the Book of Acts.

And so we seem to have two main groups:

  1. A large proportion of Christians that say you can’t repackage secular music and label it as being “Christian”  (it maybe “religious hip-hop”; but it  certainly isn’t Christian like), and
  2. A group who firmly believe that it all depends on who your singing too?

So which group are you and why?


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  1. I truly believe that there is nothing wrong with Christian Rap, or any Christians music as long as the words are uplifting to God and Christ. Not everyone likes Praise & Worship, Southern-Gospel, Bluegrass or Hymns. What is important, I think, is the message. I don’t expect a person who listens to secular rap to have any desire to listen to The Gaithers. There is a church near me that has Christian Rock music as their music. Many have been saved there who may not have felt welcomed in a traditional church. The message is important not the type of music used to get out the message. If you think about it, Southern-Gospel is basically Old Country Music and Praise & Worship is similar to today’s pop.

  2. Holy Hip Hop reaches the lost. I enjoy Lecrae as an artist who happens to be a passionate Christian. Listen to the lyrics from “Send Me (I’ll go)”…

    ‘American’s aint Christian they just practicin the ritual
    Thats why we should be missional hey what you think I’m spittin for
    United States is dyin and the east is lookin pitiful
    Some places if they catch you they’ll arrest you and they’ll serve you
    But they still need the word too the gospel should be heard too
    We claim we aint ashamed but yet we still aint hit the block up
    We in our Christian bubble while our brothers gettin locked up
    Lord I wanna Stop up
    Take a bag and Walk up
    In a country where sharin my faith may get me Shot up’

    People who won’t go near a church will HEAR this.

  3. An author can put a label on anything ‘Christian or not ‘christian. The early days of rap was so full of vulgar and truly offensive lyrics, it could not be taken into any ‘Christian church. Classic to Oldies I appreciate, never made it into the modern rap or hip hop which in all to often cases– was lawless with no respect of reasonable morality. Exercising freedom of speech while we still have it.

  4. First I would point out that as one who follow the genre, the correct spelling is Leche. He also had several predecessors, DC Talk (featuring Toby Mac), Grits, and others. Christian music has moved in the direction of secular music. There is just as much from the hard hitting metal, garage metal, and alternative Christian music as well. Everyone has different taste in music. What we must recognize is that not all Christian music is worship or praise and worship. Some is just plain old I love Jesus and here is a song from the musical gift I was given

  5. Arguments about which styles of music do or don’t honor God go back to the time of King David (and probably before). Does the music draw me to God, does it speak to me? It’s not my job to judge the artist, only to evaluate it’s meaning for me.

  6. How does something practices properly make you unacceptable? There is no room for religious prejudice/intolerance either. The crimes of public hoaxing will be removed from all religion too. You can not claim all under the law and carry hoaxes on. Public hoaxes are executable offenses.

  7. I do believe we should reverence our Master in that we should always give Him our best. Having said that, my best may not be yours. I may have the world to give, and you may not have two cents. It’s all in the experience of the giver. Let us all worship the Lord the best we know how.

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