How To Promote Your Christian Game Via Social Media

Blessedly, if you type the word “Christian” into the iTunes App Store, you’ll receive a boatload of results to choose from. While many of the offerings represent different versions of the Bible, there are also plenty of apps that fall into the games category that arise also, such as a very well reviewed game called “Bible Trivia” that helps people get their Jesus quotes straight and memorize verses in an interesting manner. With the popularity of TV shows like The American Bible Challenge, it’s no wonder people are taking to their iPhones and iPads to continue the fun and test their biblical acumen using mobile device games.

Apparently, the success of that “Bible Trivia” app — with its in-app purchases — along with others like it, proves that the buying public is willing to shell out hard-earned cash in order to beef up on their study of Scripture. This is great news for makers of Christian games, and if you’ve decided your calling is to use this exciting type of medium that is the gaming industry to spread God’s word all over the world, you might be wondering how to actually use social media to bring about buzz for your new game.

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  1. I don’t like all of the bible trivia games. I think we can do a lot more with the bible than trivia games. Does anybody remember Exodus? It was a lot like boulder dash. I think a lot of bible stories can be made into action games or other kinds of games besides trivia games. Trivia games can be fun, but we can do a lot more than just trivia games. Also, Christian games don’t necessarily have to be bible games. With the complexity of games today, the christian message can be communicated in a lot of ways besides adaptations of bible stories. Movies like Fireproof and Facing the Giants are good christian movies that weren’t based off of bible stories. We can do the same thing in games.


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