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Move over Pinterest. There’s a new social media platform on the horizon – and it has a strikingly similar name and design to its predecessor. It’s called  Godinterest.

A  description  of the website explains that it’s a hub that assists Christians and churches with event organizing, while offering them a place to share inspirational quotes and recipes, among other faith-based sentiments.

“Savvy Christian business owners could use this social media site to market their business,” according to Godinterest’s about us page.

Similar to Pinterest, individuals can become members, create “boards” and then share images and items with their friends and followers.

Godinterest claims to have “taken the idea behind Pinterest and given it a religious makeover.”

Considering that its logo and design bear a striking resemblance, the faith-based alternative certainly did borrow some elements from its predecessor.

There are a number of testimonials from members who use the site. Watch one of those endorsements below – and see them all:

Visit Godinterest  for yourself  and see what you think.

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