Black History Painting:
  • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog YOU did this? Wow! Tell me about it. I think it's beautiful!
    • Betty Jo/ The Journey God Bless you Sister Sandi...Thank You!! Yes I did In Jesus Christ Name for giving me the ability to do what I enjoy doing. :)
      • Sandi Holland, Writer/Artist Draw Nigh To Hope Christian Blog Tell me the story about how you chose these symbols for your painting, and what they mean.
        • Betty Jo/ The Journey Thank you Sandi for asking me this question. Being a Black woman, I did not learn about my history in school. I learned some by living around it. Seeing each of these objects in this picture. The Iron is one that my grandmother had in her home as a door stop. It is very heavy. And I had never seen one until I seen that one. The rocking chair, my grandmother had one on her porch, and the color was really green. The wash broad and tub is one my grandmother had, and there was times we did use it to wash clothes. The log and the axe was what my grandmother taught me how to chop wood. The black woman with the cotton sack. As a child I had my own cotton sack to pick cotton to make my own money. My uncle raised cotton back then, and this picture of this black man is an (Black Man) who worked hard. Nothing was given to him, he worked hard for what he had with the Mercy and Grace of God. Oh let me not forget the Bible laying in that rocker. My step grandpa
          was a minister, even through he had become ill. There was always a bible in the home. I could share more and more, but this is what I painted about. I have meet many elders, that I seen many of these symbols in and around their homes. Whom we call the (Old Folks) :) I have always enjoyed visiting them, and set and listen to the many stories they shared of their own journey. Amen!! Amen!! :) Merry Bless Christmas.