Egyptian Islamic Scholar Who Discovered That The Bible Has the Truth (
Egyptian Islamic Scholar Who Discovered That The Bible Has the Truth

This is the testimony of an Egyptian Muslim, Khalil, who memorized the Qur'an from a very young age and was in love with Islam and Allah. He was a very devout Muslim and was a member of The Islamic Group (al-Gama'a al-Islamiyya) which hoped to overthrow the Egyptian government and establish Sharia Law.

Given the small size of the group, they decided to wage a different form of Jihad. Khalil was selected by his Emir, spiritual leader, to write a book that would prove that the Bible was corrupted and would increase more converts to Islam. Khalil studied the Bible diligently, but was amazed to discover that the Bible was actually true and not only that but that both the Qur'an and Bible seem to suggest that Jesus Christ is in fact God.

Soon after Khalil had an encounter with Jesus Christ and became convinced that Jesus is the only way to God. The following are some of the proofs from the Qur'an that Jesus (Isa) is God:

1) Qur'an states only Allah can speak in parables (Surah 24:35; Surah 14:25). Jesus speaks in parables in the Bible that no other prophet ever told (Matthew 13:34, 35; Psalms 78:2; Isaiah 6:9, 10).

2) Qur'an says that only Allah will return on the clouds on the Last Day (Surah 2:210). The Bible says that Jesus will return on the clouds quite often (Revelation 1:7; Mark 13:26; Acts 1:9-11; Daniel 7:13).

3) Qur'an says that only Allah will judge mankind (Surah 6:57; Surah 7:87). El-Bokhary explained that he heard from Ibn Abbas, who had heard the Prophet Mohammed saying about Christ, "The Last Day will not come until the son of Mary comes back as a fair Judge to administer justice and wipe out injustice." The Bible also says that Jesus will judge mankind (John 5:22; Romans 2:16; Jude 1:14, 15; 1 Samuel 2:10; Psalm 7:6-8; Psalm 94:1-2; Isaiah 9:6).

4) Qur'an says that only Allah can create (Surah 6:102; Surah 15:86; Surah 22:73). But the Qur'an also teaches that Jesus creates as well (Surah 3:49; Surah 5:110).

5) Qur'an says that only Allah can heal (Surah 26:80). Mohammed said in an authentic Hadith, "Oh, Allah, there is no healing but yours." Meanwhile, in the Qur'an we find Christ saying about Himself, "I heal those born blind, and the lepers" (Surah 3:49). The Bible also discusses that Messiah will heal (Matthew 9:35; Matthew 8:5-17; Mark 5:34; Exodus 15:26; Psalm 107:19-21; Isaiah 53:4-5).

6) Qur'an says that only Allah has the power over life and death (Surah 15:23; Surah 36:12; Surah 50:43). In his book Beginning and End, Ibn Kathir tells a verified story of Islam that proves Christ had the authority to give death as well as life. It is told that Christ saw a woman crying over her daughter, who had died long ago. He asked her, "What makes you cry, woman?" She said, "My daughter died and I have no more children." Christ asked her, "Would you like Me to raise her from the dead?" She said, "Yes, O Spirit of God!" So, Christ stood by the grave and called the girl three times. On the third time, the little girl came out and talked with her mother. Then the girl asked Christ to let her return. He told her, "Go back!" The grave closed and she was dead. (Beginning and End by Ibn Kathir, part 2, page 84).

The Bible teaches that Jesus has power over life and death (Luke 7:13-15; Matthew 9:25; John 11:43-44; Matthew 27:52-53; Matthew 28:5-7; Revelation 1:18).

7) Qur'an teaches that only Allah is Omniscient and therefore can be Judge (Surah 27:65; Surah 6:59). But Qur'an teaches that Messiah is all-knowing (Surah 3:49). The Bible confirms this (Matthew 9:3-4; Hebrews 4:12, 13; Job 42:1, 2; Psalms 94:11).

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